Siu Collective Bargaining Agreement

„The SIUC Faculty Association (FA) is the organization that represents approximately 700 tenure track and tenured faculties in collective bargaining with southern Illinois University.“ -Illinois Education Association Hello Kallie, Thank you for contacting the Chancellor`s finalists. They were recommended by a research screening committee that represents faculties, staff, students and other associates with the SIU and the community. The finalists led a strong pool of candidates based on their context and strengths. I should point out that the characterization that Dr. Evans and Dr. Lane „were both investigated for embezzlement at their universities and that Dr. Lane was fired for this“ is imprecise. First, neither has been charged with embezzling funds. In the case of Mr. Evans had an internal disagreement over how funding should be spent in the wake of a hurricane that impacted the campus and its students. In Dr.

Lane`s case, financial charges related to an employee who was fired, not Dr. Lane. In addition, Dr. Lane was ultimately not fired; it has reached a mutual separation agreement with the institution. I should add that the company that assists the university in its research has done thorough background checks and referred to all the finalists. In short, the screening committee was aware that both Dr. Evans and Dr. Lane were facing controversies on their campuses.

This is not unusual for university leaders, given the number of ridings they serve, the public nature of their work, and the difficult decisions they have to make. In the cases of Dr. Evans and Dr. Lane took into account the candidates` application files, preliminary interviews, leadership qualities, professional experience and performance, as well as information on the controversies they faced. There was a consensus that both candidates should be invited to job interviews and that they should have the opportunity to answer questions about their context. The goal throughout the research has been to identify prominent candidates who can effectively lead the university, and I believe the three finalists have that potential. . . .