Gentlemen Agreement Znaczenie

I have already written about the fact that these gentlemen form a very closely related social group, guided by their own principles. The most important value for them was the solidarity between its members, described as an honor. If someone opposed the principles of honor, he destroyed the solidarity and unity of the group, he saneverated his right to be an elite. An institution born on the basis of this solidarity was precisely gentleman es Agreement. Gentleman es Agreement is a special type of international agreement that has been concluded orally. [su_quote cite=“Harold Pinter“ url=““] The gentleman`s agreement is a reciprocal commitment that breaks in the hope that the other party will respect it. [/su_quote] [su_quote cite=“Archbishop Fulton John Sheen, Guide to Contentment, 1970, p. 123″]A gentleman is a modest and sidelined man, who serves others and thinks of all but himself and is happiest to make others happy. He is a man who shows others, if only the poorest and least important, a true nobility. [/su_quote] Two or more men of honor have agreed on the basis of an un written contract, a certain word, or even a dominant custom. There was no legal provision protecting such a contract. The promise to keep was only a matter of honor, and that it was a greater value than money, power, etc. the agreement had a solid foundation and was rarely broken.

and you know that, in some cases, there are sanctions for the conclusion of such contracts. One such case is price tolling and the protection of competition. See Maria Ossowska, Ethos rycerski and its varieties, Warsaw 1986. Gentleman es Agree, we can only meet orally (although and not harm the writing). Pages can freely draw their shape. It can be included between two or more people. The contract is not binding and therefore has no legal value. Yes, there is no legal basis for maintaining the validity of such a treaty. It cannot be imposed.

Everything revolves around the principles of a person, a group or an ambient habit. Finally, as the name suggests, there is a contract between the men of honor and the break makes them the heaviest penalties – exclusion and shame … .