Egypt And South Sudan Military Agreement

In statements to reporters at the end of the meeting, the Egyptian president said the two leaders stressed the need for Nile Basin countries to reach a „legal and binding“ agreement on backfilling and management of the dam, one of the most controversial points in the bogged down negotiation process. South Sudan denies allegations „relayed on social media that the government of South Sudan has accepted Egypt`s request to build a military base in Pagak.“ South Sudan has denied allegations that it had accepted a request to establish an Egyptian military base in the country, according to a government statement late Wednesday. South Sudan has rejected reports that it has accepted Egypt`s request to build a military base in Pagak, a town on the border with Ethiopia. This happened following media reports on Tuesday that Juba will house the Egyptian army in the Pagak area, which was once the headquarters of Sudan`s People`s Liberation Army (SPLA-IO) led by Riek Machar, who is now the first vice president of the transitional government. Ethiopia responded by announcing that it could fund the GERD itself with the help of the Chinese government. For Egypt, it was a joke and they thought it wouldn`t materialize, but when the Nile was distracted from its natural course for the first time in history, the Egyptians panicked. They broadcast a direct threat to Ethiopia on live television and threatened to stop GERED in various ways. The live televised threat said they would use Eritrea, Ethiopian rebel groups or unrest in the country by directly interfering in Ethiopian domestic politics. Shortly after the live TV show aired, everything they wanted about Ethiopia happened to them.

Egypt was rocked by massive and violent protests that led to the fall of the government. The army took over and the president was arrested, and he is still personal. Call it the miracle of the Arc of the Alliance or whatever you want, but the construction of the GERD never stopped for a minute. „No agreement has been reached to provide land to the Egyptian military base on the territory of the Republic of South Sudan.“ She said that upon her return to Juba, she would expect Egyptian experts to take over the operational procedures needed to activate bilateral cooperation on the ground. El-Sisi met with Kiir to discuss regional and international issues of mutual interest, in particular developments in the strategic areas of the Horn of Africa and West Africa. The two presidents also discussed ways to limit the potential impact of these developments on the region. El-Sisi said his country`s vision is based on the fact that the Nile is a source of cooperation and development for all people in the Nile Basin countries.