Tceq Vcp Agreement

A drinking water assessment is required when pollutants are detected in groundwater at concentrations above personal health standards, as defined in the TCEQ rules governing the clean-up of contamination (for example. B 30 TAC, Chapter 334 or Chapter 350), or if dietCEQ requires it. Information on drinking water assessment can be found online at If this report has not yet been filed at the time of the application, please include it in the documents that were filed with the application If you have any comments or questions, please send us an email to parties who are entering the VCP must submit an application fee, an application fee amounting to $1,000, a CORE data form and any previous reports on the site. At the time of notification or within 30 days of accepting the VCP application, the candidate (s) must sign an agreement outlining the timing of the submissions required for rehabilitation and confirm that the applicant has agreed to bear all VCP monitoring costs. Following the corrective standard, the TCEQ issues a certificate of completion stating that all non-responsible parties are exempt from liability to the State for the remediation of the areas covered by the certificate. Parties may at any time terminate their participation in the VCP in writing . . . . Fuel leaks are processed by the TCEQ through their PST division, using well-established regulatory guidelines. Texas PST is an extensive regulatory program for underground storage tanks (USTs) and, to a lesser extent, surface storage tanks (ASTs). The TCEQ is a TCEQ PST Registered Corrective Action Specialist (RCAS), and the professionals at W-M are registered as PST Corrective Action Project Managers (CAPM).

170915 TCEQ-CES Request for Second Zone Well TCEQ Response CES Revised APAR April 2017 Vol 4 App 10A to App 11A 190628 CES Solid Waste Notice of Registration – Closed Waste Unit . . . . For more information on local tax breaks, visit Section 312.211 of the Texas Tax Code. . 180416 TCEQ Acceptance March and April 2018 Monthly Reports A Correspondence ID Form (TCEQ-20428) must accompany all correspondence forwarded to all remediation programs in the remediation division and must be placed as a cover on the front of your submission form. . Braun Intertec/W-M Environmental has built a reputation for cleaning and closing contaminated properties in Texas. We have closed more than 130 sites through TCEQ renovation programs such as the Wing Cleaning Program (PCV), Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST), Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP) and Corrective Action. We also worked on THE EPA/TCEQ Brownfields projects and Superfund websites in collaboration with the TCEQ Dry (DCRP) own remediation program. .

. . Braun/W-M works with our clients to complete the VCP documents needed for TCEQ, manage the project, collaborate with TCEQ as a client lawyer, clean up the relevant media when needed and obtain the graduation certificate as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, we take into account and use all the tools available in the program, such as feather management areas, municipal configuration designs (MSD), classification of aquifers as low yield (class 3e of groundwater), use of site-specific background calculations, 2-cross-media level calculations for metals, etc.